Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my cigar bar be positioned within my venue?

We recommend having your Rockin’ Cigar Bar located near the Bar/Beverage area or an outside location, such as a patio or veranda. We’ll work with you and your venue to coordinate the best location.

My venue has a no-smoking policy. Can I still have a cigar bar?

Absolutely! Your Rockin’ Cigar Bar will be used as favors for your guests. Your guests will remember your celebration as they enjoy their cigar at a later date.

Can we customize our cigar band?

Yes! You would work with our team and let us know your colors, theme and design ideas for your event and we will build a cigar band to compliment your event.

What cigars do you offer?

Rockin’ Cigar Bar offers a variety of cigars for the novice to the connoisseur smoker.

What cigars compliment the specialty drinks we will be having at our event?

Pairing your specialty drink favorites with our variety of cigar offerings is as easy as 1,2, click here.

Do you offer Cigar Cutting Services?

Yes. Three of our packages include an attendant. They are there to assist your guests with any cigar questions they may have as well as cutting services.

Do you offer Cigar Lighting Services?

Yes. Three of our packages include an attendant. They are there to assist your guests with lighting their cigars or helping provide match packs where the guests may light their own cigars when an attendant is not included.

Do you decorate the Rockin' Cigar Bar?

You can choose to personalize your Rockin’ Cigar Bar to match your event. We match colors, themes, corporate colors, etc., so your cigar bar compliments your celebration.

Do we need to clean up the cigars at our venue?

Nope! Our assistants will ensure the cigar bar area is clean and tidy during your event, as well as visually check and clean up the designated smoking area at your venue. This allows 100% peace of mind for you and your guests will continue to enjoy the Cigar Bar experience.

Do you offer a Cigar Roller?

Yes! A Cigar Roller may be added to any package. A perfect addition to any event to educate guests and help find the perfect cigar to enjoy!